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Care Coordination Program Resources

Out-of-School and Summer Enrichment Program Resources

AfterSchool KidzLit Center for the Collaborative Classroom’s

AfterSchool KidzLit program is a reading enrichment program designed specifically for use in out-of-school settings, though it is also successful in the classroom. It increases young people’s motivation to read and builds their literacy skills. At the same time, it develops core values of helpfulness, fairness, personal responsibility, and respect for others. AfterSchool KidzLit is aligned with the Common Core and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards. Learn more about AfterSchool KidzLit at

Alliance for a Healthier Generation/H.O.S.T

Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s H.O.S.T. (Healthy Out-of-School Time) program support child care providers’ efforts in creating environments where healthy eating and physical activity are not only accessible, but encouraged. Their work plays an essential role in empowering providers with the tools necessary the help youth to make healthy choices and become leaders and advocates for healthy changes. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is committed to supporting out-of-school time providers in their efforts to create healthier environments through the Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework.
Learn more about Alliance for a Healthier Generation at

City of Miami Model NET Office (A Miami Dade Community Resource)

The TACOLCY Center Park sits in the heart of Liberty City’s Model City neighborhood. This neighborhood has made economic expansion and crime fighting a priority and the City of Miami’s Model NET Office has helped in tackling these issues. Our community is determined to succeed in providing a better environment to improve the economic development opportunities in the area and their assistance and support of TACOLCY is invaluable.
Learn more about the City of Miami Model NET Office at

F.A.S.T. Program Resources

Scholastic – Scholastic books and educational materials are in tens of thousands of schools and tens of millions of homes worldwide, helping to Open a World of Possible for children across the globe. Current list of Scholastic resources:


iReady – An award-winning online program used by schools and districts nationwide to help students in grades K–12 make real gains in reading and mathematics.

Who We Are

TACOLCY utilizes a strategic mix of best practice program models and services designed to support children and families. What started in a pool hall in 1966 as a way to give young people a voice in their community is now one of the largest, private non-profit youth service agencies in Miami. Housed on a gorgeous 3.5 acre City of Miami park in Liberty City, TACOLCY serves its predominantly minority community in one of the highest areas of need in Miami-Dade County. It has a long and effective history of educational, preventative, interventionary, recreational and family development initiatives that prioritize cultural and linguistic competency. A winner of numerous awards and recognitions, TACOLCY continues to be regarded as one of Miami's 'go-to' institutions for youth and families.

TACOLCY strives to help families realize their dreams by redressing points of vulnerability and providing supports during the journey from birth through adulthood. TACOLCY's holistic approach uses a system of care model to cover 7 core principles through 4 programmatic areas. Literacy, Arts and Culture, Environmental Education, Civic Leadership, Community Wellness, Violence Prevention and Leadership Development are infused into Out-of-School Time, Health and Wellness, Family Intervention and Youth Development programs. TACOLCY's evolution has allowed it to transcend a traditional service provider regimen by integrating a blended social service and social change paradigm.

What We Do

Within Miami-Dade County, data shows that Liberty City meets the definition of a high risk community based on all indicators that measure youth violence. Data reflects that Liberty City is at greater risk than many other comparable communities in the county, state and nation. Liberty City has approximately 22,749 residents and our border community of Little Haiti boasts another 28,312 residents. Of this population, approximately half are children. Currently, TACOLCY engages more than 5,000 youth and parents each year through our direct services, programs and events which include:

  • After-school and summer CDF Freedom Schools literacy programs
  • Care Coordination and Families Assistance with Suspension and Termination (FAST) programs
  • A year-round sports program which includes championship teams in football, cheerleading, basketball, track and field, baseball and soccer
  • Annual community events such as the Health Fair and Back-to-School/Anti-Bullying Rally

TACOLCY regularly provides meeting and event space to community organizations and we house other like-minded community organizations in our facilities.

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© 2017, Youth Organizations Miami: The Belafonte TACOLCY Center. An acronym for “The Advisory Committee of Liberty City Youth,”  is a 501 c(3) nonprofit youth organization located in Liberty City, Miami that focuses on providing a safe and enriching environment where children and families are equipped to explore life’s options, make positive choices, and strengthen themselves and their community. Our primary goal is to “Empower Families to Realize Their Dreams.”

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