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TACOLCY's Sports program is one of our stellar programs. TACOLCY has a huge Sports program, which consist of football, cheerleading, basketball, track & field, and soccer and engages more than 400 youth and volunteers annually.

There is a growing concern about the future of today's youth. Concerns stem from an increase in adolescent problem behaviors, drug use, delinquency, coupled with changing social forces (both parents working or, in many cases, single parent homes, mostly the mother) to youth unsupervised time at home alone.

During the past two years, special emphasis has been placed on fitness and nutrition, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Youth today spend most of their free time texting, playing games on their computer or some other electronic device, or watching television, which has, unfortunately, led to an increase in childhood obesity. Today, nearly 1 in 3 children in America are overweight or obese. Youth participating in sports activities is an avenue to combat obesity.

Our sports program is used as the catalyst to positively impact the youth in our community. Sports programs offer youth opportunities to experience challenge, fun and enjoyment, while increasing their self-esteem and decreasing their level of stress. Sports activities teach discipline, team work, encourage social and cultural awareness, and serves as an alternative to risky behavior that is so prevalent among the young population in the Liberty City area.

Many of our volunteer coaches participated in our Sports program as adolescents and are now giving back to the community.

Our athletic development programs:


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