Community Engagement Team

Volunteer and register for our Community Engagement Team now. We are so excited for you to join us.


What Is Required Of Team Members?

  1. enthusiatic and engaging energy

  2. engagement in at least two pro-social events each year

  3. A Zoom meeting is scheduled at least a week before each pro-social event to prepare the team. If the team member would like to engage in the event, they are required to attend the Zoom meeting.

Learn About Our Pro-Social Events & Programs


Back to School Jam

This is our back-to-school event where children get the supplies they need to have a successful year at school: backpacks, school uniforms, and school supplies. Health providers are in also attendance to ensure students have all their vaccines required for school and barbers and hairdressers have provided haircuts, stylings and shapeups!


Year of Gratitude

A Year of Gratitude is Belafonte TACOLCY Ceenter's annual Thanksgiving themed event Community members have a fellowship meal together, and also go home with everything they need to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal with their family.



Winter Wonderland

The winter wonderland event is an annual, end-of-year TACOLCY holiday themed event where children and families can have fun and entertainment (and even snow!). Every child who participates in one of our programs goes home with a gift of his/her choice.


Join the Community Engagement Team Today!

By volunteering and registering for our Community Engagement Team, you will be able to serve our community through your engagement in our pro-social events and programs.