OOS & Summer Enrichment

Our engaging and diverse programs emphasize literacy, health, nutrition, physical fitness, and youth empowerment, providing holistic development opportunities for young minds in Liberty City.

TACOLCY's comprehensive Future Legends Out-of-School and Summer Enrichment Programs cater to children aged 5 to 14, offering a dynamic range of activities at the Betty Washington Enrichment Center on our park and Holmes Elementary. These programs focus on literacy, health, nutrition, physical fitness, and youth empowerment.

Literacy: Our literacy program incorporates AfterSchool KidzLit, an enriching reading program designed for out-of-school settings. Through a five-part process, children engage with captivating books, either read aloud or independently, making meaningful connections to their own lives. Additionally, we provide firsthand exposure to authors who bring their works to life, transforming spaces to mirror the themes of the featured books.

Healthy Eating and Physical Fitness: In alignment with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, addressing the concern that 1 in 3 kids is overweight or obese, our commitment is to foster a positive and health-promoting out-of-school environment. We employ TACOLCY's successful Sports program methods in physical fitness activities, emphasizing enjoyment while enhancing self-esteem and reducing stress.

Character Building: The cornerstone of our character-building activities lies in instilling self-confidence and mutual respect among our students. Collaborating with partners such as the City of Miami Model NET Office, Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida, we strive to develop traits like gratitude, responsibility, fairness, caring, and positive decision-making in young minds.

Homework Assistance: Ensuring the academic success of our Future Legends is a top priority. Homework assistance is a fundamental aspect of our core curriculum at TACOLCY, supporting students in achieving their educational goals.

Our Future Legends Out-of-School and Summer Enrichment Programs not only cultivate a passion for reading and foster positive attitudes towards learning but also bridge the needs of youth and families with community resources. Collaborating with faith-based institutions, local schools, colleges, universities, and other community organizations, we create a network that enriches the overall learning experience for our students.