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Discover the transformative impact of "We Care," a program dedicated to nurturing families and building resilient communities since 2007.

Caring Since 2007, our youth program, formerly known as Care Coordination and now rebranded as "We Care," has been instrumental in aiding over 2,000 families by identifying and addressing their social needs. The name change in 2021 reflects our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our families.



Recognizing the pivotal roles of both mothers and fathers in a child's development, we understand that single-parent households can be associated with challenges in physical and mental health, educational outcomes, and behavior. While 62 percent of children in Miami-Dade County live in married-couple families, 30 percent reside in single-mother families, and 7.1 percent in single-father families.

Support System

For families facing intense pressures such as extreme poverty, child abuse, mental illness, or substance abuse, isolation from natural support networks can be profoundly detrimental. In situations involving child maltreatment, even seeking voluntary social services is challenging due to mandatory reporting requirements and potential sanctions. Legal consequences and societal stigma further contribute to the isolation of high-risk families.

Support System TACOLCY Community
Community Building at TACOLCY

Community Building

Recognizing the value of family involvement in decision-making, recent developments in mental health and services for the developmentally disabled emphasize the importance of expanding the community of helpers beyond formal systems. The field acknowledges the need for active family influence in service planning and delivery, promoting collaboration with natural helping systems within families.

Care Coordination

"We Care" is designed to navigate the complex challenges faced by families in community child protection, whether they have a robust support network or are isolated and overwhelmed. Some families require assistance in identifying potential supports, necessitating gentle coaching to foster creative thinking. "We Care" offers resource tools and wraparound services to address family issues and emergencies. Our overarching goal is to build stronger communities by holistically strengthening families through education, prevention, and intervention.

Care Coordination at TACOLCY