After the City of  Liberty City posted some of the worst poverty rates in the state of Florida, Aetna, a CVS Health company donated $25K to support Belafonte TACOLCY Center’s Community Canvassing Project.

In Liberty City the poverty rate is 42.9%, more than double the rate in Miami-Dade County (20.5%).  Belafonte TACOLCY's Community Canvassing Project addresses the unique needs of the Liberty City community by delivering door-to-door health information and educational material directly to where community members live. This is especially important for residents who do not have access to transportation or consistent access to health care services.

"Aetna’s support will be crucial to advancing the health of our community and reaching children and families where they are," said Belafonte TACOLCY Center CEO Shownda Pagan. "We want to be able to join hands with parents to help close gaps in care so their children can thrive. Together with Aetna, we’ve helped provide access to care and look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship."

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Post by Tacolcy Staff
August 24, 2023