Experience the magic of music at our first annual Soul in the City musical festival. This vibrant event brings together the highest caliber of local and regional musicians to pay homage to our ancestors through an eclectic mix of music styles, including classical, jazz, R&B, rap, soca, kompa, and more. Get ready for an engaging, entertaining, and fulfilling six-hour music festival that is the first of its kind in the Liberty City community.

As the concerts fill the air with melodies, immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere. Before or after the performances, take the time to explore the local establishments in the festival area. Indulge in delicious meals, enjoy treats, browse art and objects, and engage in activities offered by the community's businesses. The Soul in the City festival is not only about the music but also about showcasing the vitality and creativity of our local entrepreneurs.


Post by Tacolcy Staff
August 15, 2023