LIBERTY CITY, Fla. (WSVN) — The unique sport of lacrosse is changing the lives of children in Liberty City. A popular sport from the Northeastern region of the country is impacting the students of Belafonte Tacolcy Center.

Many children at the community center did not have any idea of the sport but since they got the hang of the rules and style of playing, the curious, young athletes couldn’t get enough.

“I thought it was something like hockey,” said Josiah Lopez. “When I came out here to play, I found out what it was.”

“At first I thought it was football or something. With a stick or something,” said Winston Gibson. “It was a little confusing but when I started playing, I started to really like it.”

Although lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America, it was not a sport that the coaches and athletes at the youth center thought would ever come to their neck of the woods.

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Post by Tacolcy Staff
August 22, 2023